Install Porter

We have a few release types available for you to use:

  • canary: tip of master
  • vX.Y.Z: official release
  • latest: most recent release

You can change the URLs below replacing latest with canary or a version number like v0.1.0-ralpha.1+aviation.


curl | bash


curl | bash


iwr "" -UseBasicParsing | iex


We have a number of mixins to help you get started. The stable ones are installed by default by the script:

  • exec
  • kubernetes
  • helm
  • azure

You can install a new version of a mixin, or install a mixin that someone else made using the porter mixin install command built into porter.

$ porter mixin install terraform --feed-url
installed terraform mixin
terraform mixin v0.1.0-ralpha.1+elderflowerspritz (edf8778)

All of the DeisLabs created mixes are published to the same feed: