Install Porter

We have a few release types available for you to use:

You can also install and manage mixins using porter, and use the Porter VS Code Extension for help authoring bundles.


Install the most recent stable release of porter and its default mixins.

Latest MacOS

curl | bash

Latest Linux

curl | bash

Latest Windows

iwr "" -UseBasicParsing | iex


Install the most recent build from master of porter and its mixins.

This saves you the trouble of cloning and building porter and its mixin repositories yourself. The build may not be stable but it will have new features that we are developing.

Canary MacOS

curl | bash

Canary Linux

curl | bash

Canary Windows

iwr "" -UseBasicParsing | iex

Older Version

Install an older version of porter, starting with v0.18.1-beta.2. This also installs the latest version of all the mixins. If you need a specific version of a mixin, use the --version flag when installing the mixin.

See the porter releases page for a list of older porter versions. Set VERSION to the version of Porter that you want to install.

Older Version MacOS

curl$VERSION/ | bash

Older Version Linux

curl$VERSION/ | bash

Older Version Windows

iwr "$VERSION/install-windows.ps1" -UseBasicParsing | iex


We have a number of mixins to help you get started, and stable mixins are installed by default.

You can update an existing mixin, or install a new mixin using the porter mixin install command:

$ porter mixin install terraform
installed terraform mixin v0.3.0-beta.1 (0d24b85)

All of the Porter-authored mixins are published to


We are working on building out plugins to extend Porter and the stable plugins are installed by default.

You can update an existing plugin, or install a new plugin using the porter plugin install command:

$ porter plugin install azure --version canary
installed azure plugin v0.1.1-10-g7071451 (7071451)

All of the Porter-authored plugins are published to