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Understanding Cloud Native Application Bundles

CNCF Webinar where Carolyn Van Slyck, the co-creator of Porter, the friendly cloud installer that gives you building blocks to create CNAB bundles from your existing pipeline, will demonstrate real world bundles, answering common questions:

  • What is a bundle?
  • When are bundles useful?
  • Does this replace existing technology?
  • Why wouldn’t I just use helm, terraform, etc?
  • Are all CNAB tools the same? Interchangeable?

Porter: Digital Ocean, Terraform, Kubernetes

A demo video of using Porter to deploy infrastructure to Digital Ocean and Kubernetes using Terraform and Helm.

Porter Bundle with K3D, Helm3 and Brigade by Nuno Do Carmo

Nuno Do Carmo demonstrates how to use Porter and CNAB to install Brigade on a new Kubernetes cluster using k3d and Helm.

Porter: An Opinionated CNAB Authoring Experience

When we deploy to the cloud, most of us aren’t dealing with just a single cloud provider or even deployment tool. It seems like even the simplest of applications today need load balancers, persistent storage, databases, SSL certificates, and any number of other components. That’s even before you get to your own application! That is a lot to figure out!

The Cloud Native Application Bundle specification was created to help solve this problem. CNAB is specifies lots of great things about a bundle and how it is run, but it actually gives you a good deal of freedom in how to actually build that bundle. Porter, a cloud native package manager built on CNAB, adopts an opinionated approach to make bundle authoring straightforward and approachable.

In this talk, you will learn how Porter makes it easier to author CNAB bundles and manage cloud native applications in the messy imperfect hybrid cloud world that we all live in. You’ll also learn some of the issues we encountered that led us to develop Porter, how we addressed them, how you can contribute to Porter’s development and how you might build your own tooling on top of the CNAB spec.

Free Glue Code - Porter

What problem does CNAB solve and where does Porter fit in? Porter maintainer, Carolyn Van Slyck does her best to explain assisted as always with emoji and markdown.

Free Glue Code - Porter