Porter Lint Messages


The exec-100 warning is a message generated by the porter lint command when it detects a potential problem with the use of an embedded Bash script in the exec mixin of a Porter bundle. The exec mixin is a feature of Porter that allows you to run commands on a computer from a porter.yaml manifest file.

The exec-100 warning suggests that it is a best practice to avoid using embedded Bash scripts in exec mixins, and to use scripts instead.

Using embedded Bash scripts can be problematic because they can be difficult to read and understand, and they can also be insecure if they are not written correctly. It’s generally a good idea to avoid using embedded Bash scripts if possible, and to use scripts instead.

To fix the problem indicated by the exec-100 warning, you can try replacing any embedded Bash scripts in your exec mixins with scripts.

You can find more information about best practices for using the exec mixin on the Porter website at the following URL: https://getporter.org/best-practices/exec-mixin/#use-scripts.