A Friendly Cloud Installer
for Cloud Native Application Bundles

Clouds are messy things. Porter is here to pack and carry your bags.

What is Porter?

When we deploy to the cloud, most of us aren’t dealing with just a single cloud provider or toolchain. The simplest of applications today need a load balancer, SSL certificate, persistent file storage, DNS, and somewhere in there is your application. One app is installed with Helm, another with the cloud provider’s cli and it is all glued together with magic bash scripts.

That is a lot to figure out! 😅

Porter is a cloud installer based on the Cloud Native Application Bundle (CNAB) spec that helps you manage everything together in a single bundle, focusing on what you know best: your application.

Porter Overview

Porter Features

👜 🧳

Your app and its baggage:

Bundle up not just your application, but everything it needs to run in the cloud.

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Smart bundles:

Use mixins for common tools and clouds, and depend on existing bundles.

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Bundle management:

Package and version your bundle, and then distribute it to others just like Docker images.

Example Bundles

Looking for ideas and copy/pasta?

Example Bundles