Your application and everything you need to deploy
Together 💝

Package your application artifact, client tools, configuration and deployment logic together as a versioned bundle that you can distribute, and then install with a single command

What is Porter?

Take everything you need to do a deployment, the application itself and the entire process to deploy it: command-line tools, configuration files, secrets, and bash scripts to glue it all together. Package that into a versioned bundle distributed over standard Docker registries or plain tgz files.

Now anyone can install your application without deep knowledge of your deployment process, or following a step-by-step deployment doc, regardless of the tech stack.

Why Porter?

  • Single command to find and deploy any application, regardless of the tech stack. No knowledge of the deployment process necessary.
  • Secure handling of secrets and credentials, integrated with industry standard secret stores.
  • Share the operational load of managing your team's deployments.
  • Works with and improves existing tools, such as bash, cloud CLIs, terraform and helm. You don't rewrite your existing deployments to start using Porter.
  • Reliable deployments because the client environment: cli versions, installed commands, configuration... is dependable and consistent.

Porter Features

Credentials and Secrets 🔐

Credentials and secrets are retrieved from industry standard secret stores and securely injected.

Parameterized Bundles 👩🏽‍🔬🧬

Use different configuration for production and staging, toggle feature switches and customize each installation of a bundle with parameters.

Connect Action Inputs and Outputs🧩

Wire together tools that were not designed to integrate and seamlessly pass data between them.

Contribute a Mixin

Porter is a cloud-agnostic tool that can work anywhere and with any tool, but in order to have great support for these clouds and tools, custom-made mixins are best.

Do you know tools we don't have custom mixins for yet?

Help us make more mixins! 🙌

Example Bundles

Looking for ideas and copy/pasta?

Example Bundles

Join the Community

More information about the Porter project, and how to contribute.

Project Status

The CNAB Core specification has been frozen and we support version 1.0.0-WD.

Check out our roadmap.

Work on Porter with us! 💖

We are actively seeking out new contributors with the hopes of building up both casual contributors and enticing some of you into becoming reviewers and maintainers.

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