MongoDB Docker Storage Plugin

The MongoDB Docker Storage plugin is built-in to Porter and is the default storage plugin. This plugin is suitable for development and test but should not be used in production.

The plugin runs a MongoDB server in a container, storing its data on a separate volume. The container is named porter-mongodb-docker-plugin and the volume is named porter-mongodb-docker-plugin-data. The plugin leaves the container running in-between Porter commands for performance reasons. It is safe to stop or remove the container. Removing the volume will result in data loss.

Plugin Configuration

No configuration is required to use the default storage plugin. However, you may configure the port if there is a conflict with the default port, 27018.

default-storage: "mymongo"

  name: "mymongo"
  plugin: "mongodb-docker"
    port: "27019"

Config Parameters


The port parameter configures which port the MongoDB server listens on. By default, this plugin listens on 27018.

Remove Plugin Data

If you want to do a fresh installation of Porter and start over with a new database, run the following commands to remove the container and volume used by the plugin.

docker rm -f porter-mongodb-docker-plugin
docker volume rm porter-mongodb-docker-plugin-data