porter bundles explain

porter bundles explain

Explain a bundle


Explain how to use a bundle by printing the parameters, credentials, outputs, actions.

porter bundles explain [flags]


  porter bundle explain
  porter bundle explain --file another/porter.yaml
  porter bundle explain --cnab-file some/bundle.json
  porter bundle explain --tag getporter/porter-hello:v0.1.0


      --cnab-file string   Path to the CNAB bundle.json file.
  -f, --file porter.yaml   Path to the Porter manifest. Defaults to porter.yaml in the current directory.
      --force              Force a fresh pull of the bundle
  -h, --help               help for explain
  -o, --output string      Specify an output format.  Allowed values: table, json, yaml (default "table")
  -t, --tag string         Use a bundle in an OCI registry specified by the given tag

Options inherited from parent commands

      --debug   Enable debug logging