Porter Agent Docker Image

Porter Agent Docker Image

The ghcr.io/getporter/porter-agent Docker image is intended for use by the Porter Operator which runs on Kubernetes. If you need to run Porter in a local container, not on Kubernetes, you should use the porter client image. The porter agent is also available in the PlatformOne IronBank registry.

It has tags that match what is available from our install page: latest, canary and specific versions such as v0.38.1.

The configuration file for Porter should be mounted in a volume to /porter-config. The image will copy the configuration file into PORTER_HOME when the container starts and then run the specified porter command, similar to the porter client image.


This set of manifests performs the follow actions:

  1. Create a namespace named porter-agent-test.
  2. Create a role named porter-agent-role with sufficient permissions to run Porter.
  3. Create a service account named porter-agent and add it to the porter-agent-role.
  4. Create a persistent volume claim named porter-hello-shared that Porter uses to share data with the bundle’s pod.
  5. Create a pod named porter-hello-3591 that executes the install action for the ghcr.io/getporter/examples/porter-hello:v0.2.0 bundle using the kubernetes driver. The kubernetes driver executes the bundle in a pod on a Kubernetes cluster.

Run the following command to run the porter-hello bundle on a cluster to try it out.

kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/getporter/porter/a059a9668934dff475f9d9633781d2f32512581d/examples/porter-agent-manifest.yaml