We have a #porter channel in the CNCF Slack. You can request an invite to join.

🗣 This is a good place to chat with other people about using Porter, developing Porter mixins.

🐞 This is not a good place to submit bug reports. Please open an issue instead so that we don’t miss it!

There is also a #cnab channel that is very active where people discuss the CNAB spec, and work on upstream libraries such as cnab-go and docker-to-oci.

Office Hours

We meet the first of every month at 11am Central Time. Please join us and ask questions, share how your bundles are going, just 👋 and say Hi.

If there isn’t a lot going on, we will find something fun to do, for example live code creating a new mixin. Feel free to leave a note on the agenda for our next meeting if there’s something that you would like to cover!