porter plugins install

porter plugins install

Install a plugin


Install a plugin

porter plugins install NAME [flags]


  porter plugin install azure  
  porter plugin install azure --url https://cdn.porter.sh/plugins/azure
  porter plugin install azure --feed-url https://cdn.porter.sh/plugins/atom.xml
  porter plugin install azure --version v0.8.2-beta.1
  porter plugin install azure --version canary


      --feed-url string   URL of an atom feed where the plugin can be downloaded (default https://cdn.porter.sh/plugins/atom.xml)
  -h, --help              help for install
      --url string        URL from where the plugin can be downloaded, for example https://github.com/org/proj/releases/downloads
  -v, --version string    The plugin version. This can either be a version number, or a tagged release like 'latest' or 'canary' (default "latest")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --debug   Enable debug logging


  • porter plugins - Plugin commands. Plugins enable Porter to work on different cloud providers and systems.