MongoDB Storage Plugin

The MonggoDB storage plugin is built-in to Porter. The plugin allows Porter to store its data in a MongoDB server. This plugin is suitable for production use.

Plugin Configuration

To use the mongodb plugin, add the following config to porter’s config file. Replace conn_str with the connection string for your MongoDB server.

default-secrets = "mymongo"

  name = "mymongo"
  plugin = "mongodb"

    url = "conn_str"
    timeout = 10 # time in seconds

Config Parameters


The url configuration parameter specifies how to connect to a MongoDB server. The general format is below. See the MongoDB Connection String documentation for more details.


Only the host portion is required. The port defaults to “27017”, and the database to “porter”. Porter will create the database, collections and indices if they do not already exist.

Here is an example connection string for an instance of MongoDB running on localhost at the default port 27017, using the database name “mydb”.



Sets the timeout (in seconds) used for database queries. The default timeout is 10 seconds.