Quickly set up a Porter environment with required plugins

Quickly set up a Porter environment with required plugins

January 24, 2023

Breaking change

The recent porter v1.0.5 release introduced a new flag --file on porter plugins install command. Its intention is to allow users to install multiple plugins through a plugins definition file with a single porter command. However, it did not work as expected due to bad file format.

The fix that contains the correct schema has been published with a new v1.0.6 release. If you have an existing plugins file, please update it to work with v1.0.6+.

Install multiple plugins with a single command

Now, you can install multiple plugins using a plugin definition yaml file like below:

schemaType: Plugins
schemaVersion: 1.0.0
    version: v1.0.1
    version: v1.0.1

After creating the file, you can run the command:

porter plugins install -f <path-to-the-file>

The output from the command should look like this:

installed azure plugin v1.0.1 (e361abc)
installed kubernetes plugin v1.0.1 (f01c944)

Make sure to update your current plugins schema file to the latest format Please let us know how the change went (good or bad), and we are happy to help if you have questions, or you would like help with your migration.