Compatible Registries

Compatible Registries

Cloud Native Application Bundles are very new, and support for storing anything other than container images in a registry is inconsistent. The community has tested a bunch of registries for compatibility with CNAB and so far here is what we have found.

There is an explicit verification using Porter because we use specific libraries, such as cnab-to-oci, and this helps us communicate confidently that we’ve tested out a particular registry and know that it will work for you.

Registry Compatible
Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) Yes
Artifactory ✅ Yes
Azure Container Registry (ACR) ✅ Yes
DigitalOcean Container Registry ✅ Yes
Docker Hub ✅ Yes
GitHub Container Registry (GHCR) ✅ Yes
GitHub Packages ❌ No
GitLab ❌ No
Google Artifact Registry ✅ Yes
Google Cloud Registry (GCR) ❌ No
Harbor 2 ✅ Yes
Nexus ❌ No
Quay ❌ No

If you test a registry with Porter and find that this page is out of date, please let us know!


  • Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) requires that you create the repository for the installer and the bundle before publishing.