Work on Porter with us! 💖

✅ Are you interested in contributing to an open-source Go project?

🌈 Do you care about being in a welcoming, inclusive community?

🚀 Would you like to get into a project at the beginning and have an impact?

We are seeking out new contributors with the hopes of building up both casual contributors and enticing some of you into becoming reviewers and maintainers.

Carolyn Van Slyck
✨ Chief Emoji Offer

Getting Started

What is the project?

Porter is a command-line tool written in Go that implements the Cloud Native Application Bundle Specification. Package your application artifact, client tools, configuration and deployment logic together as a versioned bundle that you can distribute, and then install with a single command.

Where should you start?

Every new contributor should read our Code of Conduct and use our Contributing Guide to understand what to expect when contributing to our repositories. The guide also covers the project’s code structure, makefile commands, how to preview documentation and other useful things to know.

The contributing guide explains how to find an issue. We do use two labels: good first issue for new contributors and help wanted issues for our other contributors.

  • good first issue has extra information to help you make your first contribution.
  • help wanted are issues suitable for someone who isn’t a maintainer and usually also has extra guidance.

What can you work on?

We need help with everything! 😊 Whether you are new to Go or cloud-native gopher expert, are interested in design or writing, we have stuff for you to do:

  • Add commands to the porter cli. This is work that never ends and is suitable for all levels of gophers.
  • Create a mixin! You can start use the Porter Skeletor repository as a template to start, along with the Mixin Developer Guide.
  • Coordinate between writing an upstream CNAB specification, such as security or dependencies, and implementing it in Porter.
  • Implement new runtimes so that Porter can work inside Kubernetes, and other virtualization providers.
  • Improve our website’s design by contributing diagrams, graphics, improved layouts, organizing the information.
  • Fill in gaps in our documentation by copying answers from Slack and GitHub into our FAQ, or creating new pages and content.
  • Project management or other skillsets would be amazing as well! Contact Carolyn and let’s coordiante. 🙌

The roadmap will give you a good idea of the larger features that we are working on right now. That may help you decide what you would like to work on after you have tackled an issue or two to learn how to contribute to Porter. If you would like to contribute regularly to a larger issue on the roadmap, reach out to a maintainer on Slack.

Who can be a maintainer?

Porter is not a Microsoft-only project. Anyone can not only contribute but work their way up the contribution ladder from contributor to maintainer to admin.

Sound like fun? 🙋🏽‍♀️ Join us!